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Emil Voiculescu




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I teach Optoelectronics and SOT. These courses introduce the basics of optical field, optical parameters and their applications to LED, lasers, photodiodes, optocouplers, optical fibers, and photonic signal processing, i.e., how light is used in modern systems for encoding, manipulating, transmitting, storing, and retrieving information. It covers light propagation in isotropic and birefringent optical media, behavior at dielectric interfaces, interference, optical cavities and principles of laser action, the basics of optical waveguides (including optical fiber), and electro- and acoustooptic modulation. Emphasis is given to the design and analysis of optical devices circuits, and their applications in communications.

Lecturer Ramona-Voichita GALATUS PhD CFO II course, Optoelectronics and SOT Labs.

Assistant Lorant SZOLGAOptoelectronics and SOT Labs


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