Laboratory, ROOM 328 VPIPhotonics and Liekki Software

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Laboratory, ROOM 328 HFC (hybrid-fiber coax) network with C-Cor Equipment and student bench


The Opto-Electronics Laboratory is equipped for the basic knowledge about optical theory, photometry and radiometry. The students will be able to understand optoelectronic devices and optical integrated passive

and active components used in modern industrial and communication systems.


Equipment info:

Student bench: measurement devices, specific application oriented test plate
HFC Network :
C-Cor devices

Software licenses:

- VPI Photonics (1 year) full academic software for optical systems design
- Liekki LAD 4.0 fulltime academic software for optical components simulation
- Trial Optiwave, Zemax
- Particular Applications for Waveguides Simulation

Areas of Research: LMA fibers, fiber bending, Bragg gratings,optical system design, specific waveguide design.

Basis of Electronics Department

Optoelectronics Group

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