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Systems with Analog Integrated Circuits

Schedule of Lab Classes

Dates  References  Subject 
  1,3  Stability analysis of OA-based feedback circuits. 
  1,3  Methods for internal and external frequency compensation of OAs. 
  1,3  OA parameters; effects of OA nonidealities on linear applications. 
  3,4,5  Current-Feedback Operational Amplifiers and Transconductors: parameters and applications. 
  3,4,5  Instrumentation Amplifiers operating in voltage-mode. 
  3,4,5  Instrumentation Amplifiers operating in current-mode. 
  2,3,5  Amplifiers with controlled gain. 
  2,3,5  Continuous-time Filters. 
  3,4  Analysis of nonlinear circuits based on OAs. 
  3,4  Voltage comparators: OA-based and specialised ICs. 
  3,4  Signal generators. 
  1,3  Analog Multipliers & circuits able to implement complex analog functions. 
    Applications with PLL circuits. 
  1,3  Low-dropout voltage regulators (LDO). 

References for preparing the lab classes:

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